Carpools are an important alternative to single occupancy vehicles on campus, effectively reducing the demand for parking as well as parking costs for students and employees. A carpool is defined as: two or more employees or students who qualify for parking on campus, and drive to campus together in one vehicle on a daily basis.

Permit Requirements:

Faculty, staff, and students with a Talon Card and who meet all eligibility and priority requirements for an individual parking permit may register as a member of a carpool. For students, a new carpool registration form must be submitted each semester to Parking and Transportation/Card Services at the Talon One Service Center for approval.

  • At least one member must act as the Carpool coordinator, and is responsible for the following:
    • Payment for permit either through payroll deduction (KSU employees only), or Bursar’s account.
    • Returning hangtag if the carpool is disbanded and/or parking is no longer needed
    • Notifying Parking and Transportation/Card Services at the Talon One Service Center when a carpool member leaves and/or a new carpool member joins.
  • Each vehicle used while carpooling must be linked to the carpool hangtag.
  • One carpool hangtag will be issued per carpool, and must be transferred back and forth to the car of any member of the carpool group.
  • If more than one vehicle in the carpool group is on campus at once, a citation will be issued.
  • Each carpool member will be issued five occasional parking passes for the shuttle lot to use on days when circumstances require members to drive separately.