• KSU Electric Vehicle Charging Guidelines

    All electric vehicle charging stations on campus are considered a shared resource and as such should be treated as a privilege not as a right for eligible users. 

    Definition and Purpose

    These guidelines define electric vehicle charging activity and the valid use of electric vehicle charging stations by KSU faculty, staff and students on the KSU campuses. All guidelines are mandated by the Department of Parking and are subject to change.

    • EV charging stations are meant to be “top-off” locations only. It is anticipated that primary charging will happen at home. There is a two-hour maximum time limit for EV charging.

    • Vehicles must be removed from the charging station once the two-hour maximum is reached regardless of whether the vehicle has been fully charged. No exceptions. Vehicles parked in an EV charging space beyond the two-hour maximum time limit are subject to citation.

    • KSU EV Charging spaces are not reserved for parking outside of an active charge. If a vehicle is not in need of charging, it is not permissible to be parked in an EV charging space.

    • Charging of electric vehicles is limited to charging station spaces only. Parkers are considered in violation of these guidelines under any of the following conditions:

      • Electric vehicles parked in nearby or adjacent spaces utilizing the charging stations will be subject to citation (defined as taking the charging cable from the charging station and using it to charge a vehicle parked in another spot).

      • Electric vehicles parked in non-charging station spots and using a regular electrical outlets for the charging of their vehicles will be subject to citation.

    • A charging vehicle must display a valid KSU parking decal/permit at all times.

    • Electric vehicle charging stations may be closed by the Department of Parking due to special event parking, maintenance, construction, vandalism or other instances where the charging units are inoperative or unavailable.

    • KSU assumes no responsibility or liability for damage to vehicles using the electric vehicle 
charging stations.

    • EV charging stations are located in the following areas: 
        • Kennesaw West Deck – 1st level near the Paulding Avenue entrance level
        • Kennesaw East Deck – 1st level adjacent to the handicap parking spaces
        • Kennesaw Central Deck – 2nd level near elevators 

        • Kennesaw North Deck – 2nd level adjacent to the visitor parking spaces
        • Marietta P-60 Deck – 4th level near elevators
  • Register your Bike
    Kennesaw State University Department of Public Safety & University Police 

    Do you ride a bike on campus? If so, we welcome you to please register your wheels with the BAT Program. Ride your bike over to the KSU Police Department during business hours and get an ID sticker for your bike. It costs you nothing and is a big help in recover stolen bikes.

    Edward Stephens
    Interim Chief of Police

    Emergencies: 470-578-6666 or 770-423-6666
    Non-Emergencies: 470-578-6206
    Non-Emergency E-mail: police@kennesaw.edu 
    Tipster Line (Report Anonymously): 470-578-6305

  • Carpools are an important alternative to single occupancy vehicles on campus, effectively reducing the demand for parking as well as parking costs for students and employees. A carpool is defined as: two or more employees or students who qualify for parking on campus, and drive to campus together in one vehicle on a daily basis.

    Permit Requirements:

    Faculty, staff, and students with a valid KSU ID and who meet all eligibility and priority requirements for an individual parking permit may register as a member of a carpool. For students, a new carpool registration form must be submitted each semester to Parking and Transportation/Card Services for approval.

    • At least one member must act as the Carpool coordinator, and is responsible for the following:
        1. Payment for permit either through payroll deduction (KSU employees only), or Bursar’s account.
        2. Returning hangtag if the carpool is disbanded and/or parking is no longer needed
        3. Notifying Parking and Transportation/Card Services when a carpool member leaves and/or a new carpool member joins.
    • Each vehicle used while carpooling must be linked to the carpool hangtag.
    • One carpool hangtag will be issued per carpool, and must be transferred back and forth to the car of any member of the carpool group.
    • If more than one vehicle in the carpool group is on campus at once, a citation will be issued.
    • Each carpool member will be issued 5 occasional parking passes for the shuttle lot to use on days when circumstances require members to drive separately.
  • Motorcycles do not need a parking permit. However, motorcycle owners must register their vehicle information in Owl Express for safety and security purposes. Motorcycle parking is available on campus in areas marked for Motorcycle Parking Only. Motorcycle parking is available in several parking areas/lots around campus and marked by signs.

    Motorcycles may also park in parking decks in areas marked for Motorcycle Parking Only. If you wish to park a motorcycle in a deck, carefully drive around the gate at the entrance to enter the deck.

    Motorcycles MAY NOT park in any regular vehicle parking space. Parking in a regular parking space will result in a citation.