Faculty/Staff Permit Options and Pricing

Faculty/Staff Permit Types and Rates

**Please note that the permit type you select allows you to park in that area on both the Kennesaw and Marietta Campuses. For instance, if you select Faculty/Staff Parking, you are able to park in any of the Faculty/Staff Parking Lots on both the Kennesaw and Marietta Campuses.** 

  • Permit Types
    Permit Prices (For Faculty/Staff)
  • Faculty/Staff Parking Permit
    $23 per month
  • West Economy, East Economy, Town Point Economy
    $10 per month
  • Shuttle Lot Permits
  • Carpool Permit (2 members)
    $11.50 per person per month
  • Carpool Permit (3 members)
  • Dedicated Space Permit
    $88 per month
  • Motorcycle, Moped, Motor-Scooter
    No charge
  • Emeritus Permit
    No charge
  • Retiree Permit
    $20 with an active Retiree Association Membership
  • Temporary Permit
    No charge
  • Booting or Towing Fees

    $60 boot removal fee

    $35 parked in tow zone

Weekly Average Lot Utilization

Faculty/Staff Permit Information

  • Log in to parkingportal.kennesaw.edu using your NetID and password to select a Faculty/Staff parking permit. Parking permits are valid until returned or employment is terminated. Employees purchasing a permit must utilize KSU’s payroll deduction as the payment method. The parking permit deductions are pre-tax.
    Faculty/staff parking areas are denoted with signage and/or green lines. A Faculty/Staff parking permit costs $23 per month and allows you to park in any faculty/staff space on both the Kennesaw and Marietta Campus; however, it does not guarantee that a space will always be available in your preferred parking area.
    Employees seeking a lower cost option can select an Economy Lot parking permit for $10 per month or a Shuttle Lot parking permit free of charge. Please remember, that while the Shuttle Lot permit is not assessed a parking fee, you will still need to obtain the associated parking permit.

    Employment Type & Dual Status

    Parking status is determined by the classification on your Talon Card (KSU ID card).

    Non-Benefitted Employees (includes all temporary employees and regular employees working less than 30 hours per week):

    • Pay employee parking fees through payroll deduction or
    • If enrolled in classes, pay student parking fees through enrollment; HR proactively matches student and employee records after the drop/add deadline and turns off payroll deductions for these employees for the current semester if enrolled in classes.

    Benefitted Employees (full-time, part-time regular employees working more than 30 hours per week)

    • Pay employee parking fees through payroll deduction or
    • If enrolled in classes for the summer semester, employees must request student parking fee waiver ($26) by sending an email to bursars@kennesaw.edu to avoid paying student parking fees in addition to employee parking fees. This applies to summer semesters only; in fall and spring, the parking charge will not be assessed.

    Student Employees (student assistants or graduate research assistants)

    • Pay student parking fees through enrollment and an elective fee.
    • Do not pay employee parking fees through payroll deductions while occupying a student assistant or GRA position.
    • Will be categorized as either a benefitted or non-benefitted employee if working in a non-student assistant classified position.
  • West Economy Parking Permit includes the Church Lot and West Lot

    Town Point Economy Parking Permit is located in the Town Point Economy Lot

    Kennesaw East Economy Parking Permit is located in the East Economy Lot (reciprocal with Marietta East Economy Parking)

    Marietta East Economy Parking Permit includes Lot P8, part of Lot P11 and Lots P18/19 (reciprocal with Kennesaw East Economy Parking)

  • Shuttle parking lots are available free of charge. Shuttle Lots are located at Lot P40 for the Marietta Campus and 3305 Busbee for the Kennesaw Campus. Shuttle Lot users will need to ride the Big Owl Bus to campus and back. The bus can be tracked using the Big Owl Bus Live Tracker App available at the App Store or Google Play or visit bigowlbus.kennesaw.edu for the latest real-time arrival information. Please remember that while these lots are not assessed a parking fee, you will still need to obtain the associated parking permit.

  • Kennesaw State University offers Deans, University Cabinet and the President the option of purchasing a dedicated parking space. Dedicated spaces are marked with a "Permit Only" sign denoting only the holder of the specific permit is authorized to park in the space.

    Parking and Transportation will ticket or request towing of an unauthorized vehicle in a dedicated space at the space owner’s request. Please call Parking and Transportation at 470-578-6506 or notify the Talon One Service Center at 470-578-8663 (T-ONE) between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday to request the ticketing or towing of an unauthorized vehicle parked in a dedicated space. Outside of these hours, the space owner should park in another open faculty/staff space.

    If the owner of a dedicated parking space discovers an unauthorized vehicle in their spot, they should report the unauthorized vehicle and request it to be ticketed or towed. The space owner will need to provide their name, KSU ID number, parking lot location and dedicated space number to Parking and Transportation, along with their preference to have the vehicle ticketed or towed. Also, they need to provide the color, make and model of the vehicle in the space plus its license plate number and state of issue. The space owner may leave the scene once all of the information listed above is conveyed to Parking and Transportation. The vehicle will not be ticketed or towed unless all of the information is provided.

    Parking and Transportation will immediately issue a ticket and/or request a tow truck based upon the space owner’s request. Please note that the amount of time it takes for a vehicle to be towed will vary depending upon the towing company’s availability.

  • To return your permit:

    1. Log in to parkingportal.kennesaw.edu using your NetID and password.
    2. Select “View Your Permits”
    3. Select your permit to return
    4. Click the “Return Permit” box

    Once you return your permit, your parking deduction will end for the next applicable pay cycle based on whether you are on the bi-weekly or monthly payroll schedule and the date that you return your permit. You can see the payroll deadlines here. Returning your permit is not retroactive. If you choose to return your permit and find it necessary to come to campus, you will need to pay to park in one of the Visitor parking areas.

Other Parking Information

  • Department heads who have personnel using personal automobiles for deliveries, transporting equipment and/or large amounts of supplies and materials may apply for the Department Official Business Permit (DOPB) annually by emailing parking@kennesaw.edu.

    The permit allows the use of loading zones while loading and unloading and service vehicle spaces for up to two hours, and any other unreserved or non-metered parking space while conducting official University business.

    All DOBPs are subject to approval by the department head or their delegate. The DOBP must be displayed from the rearview mirror of a vehicle linked to a valid Faculty/Staff parking permit. Vehicles displaying a DOBP parked in service vehicle spaces for more than the two hour limit may be cited and are subject to impoundment. Vehicles displaying a DOBP parked in permitted spaces on official business (e.g., committee meetings) more than two hours may be cited and are subject to impoundment.

  • Parking and Transportation seeks to make campus accessible to all community members, regardless of mobility limitations. ADA parking is available throughout campus in designated visitor lots and KSU permit-controlled parking areas.

    Employees and Students - Permit Controlled Lots
    A state-issued Disabled Person Parking license plate or placard must be displayed at all times in vehicles parked in any ADA accessible space. Additionally, a virtual parking permit must linked to the state-issued license plate through parkingportal.kennesaw.edu.

    KSU parking permit holders with a state-issued Disabled Person Parking license plate or placard may park in any ADA space on campus, as well as metered/visitor ADA accessible spaces. When not parked in an ADA space, KSU permit holders must park in their permitted area.

    Visitors and ADA Parking
    Accessible parking is available in all designated visitor parking areas for an hourly or daily parking fee. Visitors displaying the appropriate state-issued license plate or placard may park in any ADA designated parking space and may purchase a temporary KSU permit for Long Term Visitors, Emeritus and Alumni.


    • Parking and Transportation has the right to reserve lots/ramps for event parking on campus. Parking may be sold in advance or at the gate on a first-come basis. Lots restricted for an event will be posted at the entrance to the lot.
    • Parking and Transportation has the authority to close a lot for construction, maintenance or safety issues. Lot closures will be posted at the entrance to the lot.
    • The permit holder is responsible for returning their permit online at parkingportal.kennesaw.edu when the parking permit is no longer needed.
    • Faculty and staff must notify Parking and Transportation when employment is terminated or the parking assignment is no longer needed. Payroll deduction cancellations will not be processed until the permit is returned online at parkingportal.kennesaw.edu.
    • All citations and other unpaid fees due to Parking and Transportation must be paid prior to applying or accepting a permit assignment.
    • Handicapped parking fraud may result in a fine or a misdemeanor offense. Misdemeanors are issued by KSU Public Safety.

    Accessible Resources
    For students with further accessibility requests or questions, please contact the Office of Student Disability Services.

    For employees with further accessability requests or questions, please contact the Benefits Department of KSU Human Resources

  • KSU provides electric vehicle (EV) charging stations on both the Kennesaw and Marietta Campus. Level 2 (240v) chargers are available to KSU permit holders.

    • Level 2 EV charging stations are meant to be “top-off” locations only. It is anticipated that primary charging will happen at home. There is a two-hour maximum time limit for EV charging at level 2 charging stations. Vehicles parked in a level 2 EV charging space beyond the two-hour maximum time limit are subject to citation.
    • A charging vehicle must obtain a valid KSU parking permit.
    • Charging of electric vehicles is limited to charging station spaces only. Vehicles are considered in violation of these guidelines under any of the following conditions:
      • Electric vehicles parked in nearby or adjacent spaces utilizing the charging stations will be subject to citation (defined as taking the charging cable from the charging station and using it to charge a vehicle parked in another spot).
      • Electric vehicles parked in non-charging station spots and using a regular electrical outlet for the charging of their vehicles will be subject to citation.
    • Vehicles may not be parked in EV charging spaces unless they are actively charging.
    • Vehicles will be cited if parked in an EV space while not actively charging.
    • KSU assumes no responsibility or liability for damage to vehicles using the electric vehicle 
charging stations.
    • Parking and Transportation has the authority to adjust charging at their discretion, based on demand or to regulate usage.
    • Non-electric vehicles parked in EV charging spaces are subject to citation.
    • Electric vehicles parked in an EV space while not charging will be subject to citation.
  • Emeritus faculty are eligible for a parking permit that will allow them to access any faculty/staff parking location on the Kennesaw or Marietta Campus. This permit is offered free of charge. Visit the Talon One Service Center to pick up a permit and register your vehicle information.

  • Motorcycles do not need a parking permit; however, motorcycle owners must register their vehicle information in parkingportal.kennesaw.edu for safety and security purposes. Motorcycle parking is available in the lots and decks marked with an “M” symbol on the Kennesaw and Marietta Campuses. Motorcycle parking spaces are designated with signage. If the designated motorcycle parking is full, you may park your motorcycle in the hash marked sections as long as they are not blocking vehicle access or next to an ADA space. Motorcycles MAY NOT park in any regular vehicle parking space. Parking in a regular parking space may result in a citation. Motorcyclists are motorists and must follow the Georgia Vehicle Code. 

  • Retirees of the University who are enrolled in the Retirees Association are welcome to park in the visitor parking areas on the Kennesaw and Marietta Campuses free of charge. Retirees are to display their Association Card on their dashboard while parking in a visitor lot. Retirees not part of the Association are welcome to pay to park in the visitor lots.

  • Temporary permits are available to new employees as well as permit holders that are driving a vehicle that does not belong to them (e.g., rental car). Temporary Permits can be obtained at the Talon One Service Centers on both the Kennesaw and Marietta Campuses. Temporary Permits are issued for up to two weeks to correspond with the permit holder's selected parking area. 

    In order to be eligible for a temporary permit one must provide a valid KSU ID and:

    • Be a new KSU employee or
    • Be a current KSU student or employee with a valid KSU parking permit.