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Big Owl Bus FAQ

  • A. The Big Owl Bus system is made up of 22 vehicles and 11 routes. These routes serve the major activity points on both campuses and five student housing complexes surrounding the Kennesaw Campus. The service also provides shopping routes on each campus on Friday and Saturday.  

    In order to utilize the service most effectively, we recommend planning your trip using the schedules and route maps provided on our website. You can also visit the Big Owl Bus Live Tracker to view the buses and routes in real time and receive service updates. 

    Understand that the Big Owl Bus driver is only authorized to travel along their designated route and stop at Big Owl Bus stops. 

  • A. Eating and drinking on the Big Owl Bus is prohibited. However, feel free to carry food in closed containers and drink beverages in resealable plastic containers. 

  • A. Out of respect for other riders on the bus, we ask that you refrain from talking on the phone or listening to music so that others can hear. When listening to music or watching videos, please keep the volume low and always wear headphones.

Lost and Found

Items left on the Big Owl Bus or found in parking lots are collected at the end of each day and taken to the lost and found, which is located in the Office of Student Life in the James V. Carmichael Student Center on the Kennesaw Campus, and the Welcome Desk at the Joe Mack Wilson Student Center on Marietta Campus.


Big Owl Bus Tracker

Track the Big Owl Bus shuttle.

For the latest real-time arrival information, download the Big Owl Bus Tracker.