Kennesaw State University hosts a multitude of university related events such as athletic competitions, art exhibits, and music concerts. The university is proud to be part of the greater Atlanta community and offers its facilities for private events and affairs to local groups, schools, and community functions.

Event Parking Policy
The Department of Parking provides access to its parking facilities whenever possible.  The favorable approach is to always have attendees pay the visitor parking fee. An alternative to this is to use parking ecoupons, which must be applied for by the KSU Department of Parking or the event sponsor, complete with a speed-chart number and account number for bill-back. Please read further about our event parking options below:

Small Event Parking - Less than 20 vehicles
When a smaller event is planned on campus for a number of attendees that can be accommodated within visitor parking (less than 20 vehicles, depending on the campus traffic for the requested day), the process is to: Route attendees to visitor parking where they will pay the parking fees.

  • $3.00 for the first hour
  • Additional $1.00 every ½ hour thereafter
  • Maximum $12.00 per day


  • Submit an online request for event parking permits and issue these to the attendees. The current price structure for visitor fees paid via a University Department is ½ the price of regular visitor lot fees. These fees are subject to change:
  • $1.50 for the first hour
  • Additional .50 cents every ½ hour thereafter
  • Maximum $6.00 per day

This fee is billed directly to the requestor’s department upon permit use. The online event parking request must be filled out for the requestor to be accommodated. If the department does not wish to pay for attendee parking, they are not required to obtain visitor’s passes and should communicate to attendees that they will be responsible for paying the standard rates at the Visitor’s lot.

Large Event Parking - More than 20 vehicles
To ensure the best experience possible for guests, events that involve larger groups with more than 20 vehicles expected is best served by our University Events department.  Your event needs will be tracked and managed with the University with regards to logistics, parking, security, etc.

Connect to the University Event Management System

IMPORANT: If the event is for VIP’s and/or special guests of the University, it is advisable to contact University Events for assistance no matter the size of the event.