Failure to adhere or abide by University parking, traffic and smoke-free/tobacco-free policies will result in a citation and fine.

Most parking fines are $35. Smoking/tobacco citations fines are $25.  All fines must be paid within 14 days at the Bursar’s Office.  Fines not paid or appealed within 14 days will result in a HOLD on your student account.

How to Appeal a Citation:

All citation appeals must be made through within 14 days of receiving the citation. If a citation is appealed within 14 days, no action will occur on the citation until it is adjudicated. Citations cannot be appealed after 14 days.

If the appeal is granted you will be notified by email and if the fine was pre-paid, that amount will be credited to your student account. If the appeal is denied, the fine amount will be charged to your account. After 30 days a HOLD will be placed on the account until the fine is paid.

A HOLD on your account means you will not be able to register for classes or graduate until any outstanding fines have been paid or resolved.

Upon receipt of the third unpaid citation, students’ vehicles are subject to being booted/towed at the owner’s expense. All outstanding citations must be paid in order to release any registration or records holds and to remove vehicle boots. Towing may occur if a vehicle is illegally parked or impeding traffic and is considered a hazard by the Department of Public Safety. The university tow fee is $60 (non-refundable). The tow fee does not cover towing costs or impoundment fees associated with the tow truck company. In the occurrence that your vehicle is towed, you may contact the towing company and pay the fine to have your vehicle released from the impound lot.

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