• Student permits are issued for an academic year (August 1 - July 31) and are valid until returned. Parking permits issued fall 2017 and spring 2018 semesters are valid through July 31, 2018. If you will not be on campus or are not bringing a car for the summer 2018 semester, you will need to return your permit online at parkingportal.kennesaw.edu when you will no longer be bringing a car to campus for the spring semester. You must return your parking permit no later than Friday, May 11, 2018, or you will be charged the summer semester fee associated with your permit. Instructions for returning your permit online are below.

  • Current KSU students may select your parking area for the 2018-2019 academic year. Parking and Transportation’s virtual permitting program eliminates the need for you to pick up a parking permit in person. Instead, go to parkingportal.kennesaw.edu on the date designated below to select your parking area. Your parking permit will be good through July 31, 2019. Each semester (fall, spring and summer), your student account will be charged the amount associated with your selected parking permit unless your permit is returned online at parkingportal.kennesaw.edu.

    To select your permit log into parkingportal.kennesaw.edu. Please note that permits will be offered based upon your current class.

  • Faculty/Staff parking permits are issued at the Card Services office and are valid until returned, or employment is terminated. Faculty/staff parking areas are denoted with signage and/or green lines.

    A Faculty/Staff parking permit costs $23.00 per month and allows you to park in any faculty/staff space on both the Kennesaw and Marietta Campus. Employees seeking a lower cost option can select an Economy Lot parking permit for $10.00 per month or a Shuttle Lot parking permit free of charge. Employees purchasing a permit must utilize KSU’s payroll deduction as the payment method. The parking permit deductions are pre-tax.

  • Student permit rates listed below do not include the mandatory parking infrastructure fee. The mandatory parking infrastructure fee is $93.00 per semester. Students are charged each semester (fall, spring and summer) for their KSU parking permit unless it is returned at parkingportal.kennesaw.edu. Partial semester refunds are not issued after the drop/add class registration deadline.

    Parking and Transportation is the sole department authorized to issue any parking permit used for parking on the Kennesaw and Marietta Campuses. Parking and Transportation has the authority to establish parking rates and fees including but not limited to late fees. By purchasing a parking permit, students, faculty and staff may park in their assigned areas or lots at any time (except as needed for special events). All parking permit holders are responsible for knowing and understanding the rules and regulation and paying any parking fees associated with their permit and citation fines if incurred.

Student & Employee Rates

  • Permit Type
    Permit Prices
  • West, East, Central Area Permits
    Students: $26.00 per semester
    Employees: N/A
  • West Economy, East Economy, Town Point Economy
    Students: $15.00 per semester
    Employees: $10.00 per month
  • Shuttle Lot Permits
    Students: $0.00
    Employees: $0.00
  • Faculty/Staff Parking Permit
    Students: N/A
    Employees: $23.00 per month
  • Carpool Permit (2 members)
    Students: $13.00 per person per semester
    Employees: $11.50 per person per month
  • Carpool Permit (3 members)
    Students: $0.00
    Employees: $0.00
  • Dedicated Space Permit
    Students: N/A
    Employees: $88.00 per month
  • Motorcycle, Moped, Motor-Scooter
    No charge
  • Emeritus Permit
    No charge
  • Retiree Permit
    $20.00 with an active Retiree Association Membership
  • Temporary Permit
    No charge
  • Long Term Visitor Permit
    Varies based upon selection
  • Official Business Permit
    No charge
  • Booting or Towing Fees
    $60.00 boot removal fee
    $35.00 parked in tow zone 


  • Dedicated Spaces are only available to Deans, University Cabinet and above. Parking and Transportation approval is required.
  • Official Business Permits are for employees only and can only be requested by division and department heads. Please contact parking@kennesaw.edu for additional details.

Return Your Parking Permit

  1. Log into parkingportal.kennesaw.edu.
  2. Select “View Your Permits".
  3. Select the permit you would like to return.
  4. Click the “Return Permit” box.