Citation Payments and Appeals

  • The registered vehicle owner is ultimately responsible for a parking citation (including lost, stolen or damaged citations) whether or not the owner was operating the vehicle at the time the citation was issued.

    Citations are delivered by placing them on a vehicle, by email (for registered vehicles), and/or by postal mail. Citations must be paid within 14 days of the issuance of the citation. Payments should be made online at Fines not paid or appealed within 14 days will result in a HOLD placed on a student account, or a possible wage garnishment for KSU employees.

  • All appeals must be made through and received within 14 days of citation issuance. Appeals made by email, phone, or in person will not be accepted. If a citation is appealed within 14 days, any associated fines will be frozen until the appeal is adjudicated. Fines will not transfer to Banner, nor will they come due during this period of review. Citations older than 14 days cannot be appealed.

    Appeal Approved: The associated citation will be voided and any associated fines will be reduced to $0.

    Appeal Denied: The associated citation stands, and the initial fine remains the responsibility of the registered vehicle owner.

    • Violation Code
      Violation Descriptions
      Violation Costs
    • V01
      Area not designated for parking
    • V02
      Boot fee
    • V03
      Expired permit
    • V04
      Failed to pay at visitor lot
    • V05
      Fire lane - blocking/impeding
    • V07
      Tag/plate not permitted
    • V08
      Overtime parking
    • V09
      Parked contrary to sign
    • V10
      Parked in dedicated space
    • V11
      Parked in handicapped space
    • V12
      Parked in loading zone
    • V13
      Parked in tow zone
    • V14
      Parked in wrong direction
    • V15
      Tampered permit
    • V16
      Tow fee
    • V17
      Unauthorized use of permit
    • V18
      Parked in church reserved area
    • V19
      No carpool permit displayed
    • V20
      Parked in visitor space
    • V21
      Not parked between lines
    • V22
      Not in assigned area
    • V23
      Parking for clinic patients only
    • V24
      License plate not visible
    • V25
      Smoking Violation
  • All unpaid citations are subject to collections and/or University policies. Citations for vehicles not found in the KSU Parking Database shall be traced through the appropriate state's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or Department of Drivers Services (DDS). Owner's addresses will be obtained for collection purposes. Any corresponding fees associated with tracing vehicles will be passed along to the respective vehicle owner.