• Beginning July 1, 2017 all KSU employees with active parking permits will be enrolled in payroll deduction for parking. Marietta Campus employees currently registered for a Faculty/Staff parking permit will be enrolled at $23/month. If you seek to keep this permit, nothing is required on the employee's part.

    Employees seeking a lower cost option can relinquish their Faculty/Staff permit for an Economy lot parking permit, which is valid for parking in a specific area. Economy parking permits are $10/month, and economy permit options are listed below. Employees seeking an economy parking permit can stop by Card Services or Parking & Transportation beginning May 18, 2017 to request the change.  All changes made by June 2, 2017 will show up on your July paychecks.

    The locations for Economy Parking areas are:
    Kennesaw campus
    1. West Economy Parking: located in the Church Lot and West Lot.
    2. Kennesaw East Economy Parking: located in the East Parking Lot.
    3. Town Point Economy Parking: located at the Town Point Shuttle Lot.

    Marietta campus
    1. Marietta East Economy: located in Lot 8, Lot 11, and Lots 18/19 (reciprocal with Kennesaw East Economy Parking).

    There is also the option to utilize the shuttle lots located at Lot 40 on the Marietta campus and 3305 Busbee on the Kennesaw campus. This area is available free of charge to faculty/staff and offers Big Owl Bus shuttle service for fast and easy access to both campuses. Please remember, that while this lot is not assessed a parking fee you will still need to obtain the associated decal for your vehicle.

    New Economy Parking Maps
    Download the Kennesaw Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 Parking Map
    Download the Marietta Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 Parking Map

  • All KSU employees must register their vehicle and obtain a parking permit in order to park on campus.  Below is a step by step guide to registering your vehicle and getting your KSU parking permit.

    Step 1: Register Your Vehicle
    In order to obtain a permit, you will need a KSU ID card. For convenience please enter your vehicle information via the KSU Parking Portal prior to picking up your permit.

    Step 2: Choose Your Permit Type
    Faculty-Staff Permit: $23 per month
    Permitted to park in any Faculty-Staff permitted area, Economy Lot areas, and Shuttle Lot areas on both campuses.

    Economy Permits: $10 per month
    Economy permits include East Economy - Marietta, East Economy - Kennesaw, Town Point Economy, and West Economy.  Economy permits are valid only in their respective economy lot, as well as in Shuttle Lot areas. Those with an East, Town Point or West Economy permit may park in East Economy when on Marietta Campus.  Those with a East Economy - Marietta permit may park in East Economy when on Kennesaw Campus.

    Shuttle Lot Permit: No charge
    A Shuttle Lot permit is valid on Kennesaw Campus at KSU Center & 3305 Busbee, and on Marietta Campus in Lot 40.  Big Owl Bus service may vary by time of day and day of the week, please refer to the Big Owl Bus website for detailed service information.

    Campus Parking Maps
    For more detailed information on permit areas and lot locations, please reference the Kennesaw or Marietta parking maps.

    Step 3: Picking-up Your Permit
    Permits may be obtained at the three pick-up locations listed below. A Talon Card is required for pick-up.

    Talon One Service Center (Kennesaw Campus)
    James V. Carmichael Student Center - First Floor
    Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

    Talon One Service Center (Marietta Campus)
    Joe Mack Wilson Student Center - Second Floor
    Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM 

    Step 4: Paying for Your Permit
    Parking fees are determined by permit type selected, and will be deducted automatically by pre-tax payroll deduction. For bi-weekly employees the total fee will be split between checks. 

    KSU parking permits are required to be applied on the inside of the front driver’s side window at all times while parked on the Kennesaw or Marietta campuses unless parked in a paid visitor parking area (when parking in the visitor lots applicable hourly rates will apply).



  • Employment Type & Dual Status
    Parking status is determined by the classification on your KSU ID.

    Non-Benefitted Employees (includes all temporary employees and regular employees working less than 30 hours per week):

    • Pay employee parking fees through payroll deduction; or
    • If enrolled in classes, pay student parking fees through enrollment; HR proactively matches student and employee records after drop/add and turns off payroll deductions for these employees for the current semester if enrolled in classes

    Benefitted Employees (full-time, part-time regular employees working greater than 30 hours per week)

    • Pay employee parking fees through payroll deduction
    • If enrolled in classes, for the summer semester, must request student parking fee waiver ($26) by sending an email to bursars@kennesaw.edu to avoid paying student parking fees in addition to employee parking fees. This applies to summer only; in fall and spring, the parking charge will not be assessed.

    Student Employees (student assistants or graduate research assistants)

    • Pay student parking fees through enrollment and an elective fee
    • Do not pay employee parking fees through payroll deductions while occupying a student assistant or GRA position
    • Will be categorized as either a benefitted or non-benefitted employee if working in a non-student assistant classified position